Post Renovation Cleaning


Post Renovation Cleaning Service

Projects big or small, our post renovation cleaning service is designed to clean every inch of your home, to get rid of all that constructions dust.

We wet dust the whole home however keep in mind it is always recommended to have a second cleaning to ensure all the dust has settled and been removed.

The Post Reno cleaning consists of all the regular cleaning tasks such as; vacuuming carpeted floors, sweeping and hand-washing of the floors in high-traffic areas, light dusting of all furniture & knick knacks, trash removal, bathroom cleaning – wiping down sinks, mirrors, counters, toilet fixtures, bathtub/tiled walls. Sanitizing kitchen cupboards, countertops, degrease exterior appliances, inside microwave, polish & sanitize kitchen sinks and tables, remove garbage, hand wash floors.

Also includes cleaning of the baseboards, windowsills, blinds, marks on walls, and under reachable furniture.

Walls and Windows may also be added.

Inside of cabinetry can be added too!

Mighty Maids sends out 2 staff to your home bringing all cleaning supplies and a Dyson Vacuum cleaner! Everything we use is completely safe for children and pets, as well as those with allergies. We have very minimal sents in our products.

Always keep in mind, we send you a check-list so you can completely customize your cleaning to fit your needs!

1 hour minimum From $80 Per Hour

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